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ICallYou offers you a mobile and PC application that facilitates your day to day calls from and to anywhere on the globe.


"No matter where I am, all I need is this app to call anyone!"

- Eliott Baker 


"The team at ICallYou are definitely focused on my needs as a small business owner. Quick access to telecom services is crucial."

- Scott Johnson

"This app is an absolute must have for any person!"

- Karen Haddad

"All I need is an internet connection and "ICallYou", and i follow up on my work from anywhere."

- Jimmy Hanna


how it works

ICallYou is a practical mobile application that allows you to make cheap international calls from your phone, anywhere, anytime, using GPRS, 3G/4G, or wifi connection.

To start, fill the "Sign Up" form using the link above, and our team will send you your PIN and Password via email within 24hrs.

Download the application onto your iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, or even PC, from the links provided below, and register using your given PIN and Password.

Now "Login" also using your PIN and Password to recharge your account, view your call log, change your password, view calling rates, transfer credit from account to account, and much more.

Three easy steps

Step 2

​Download ICallYou on your mobile device

Step 1

​Sign Up and get your PIN via email

Operator code: 99797

Operator code: 99797

Step 3

​Login, recharge, and start calling